Mental health of international students in Australia

Being an international student is never easy in any parts of the world. And the situation is even more intense and frustrating when it comes to the international students in Australia. In the case of Australia, research shows that every third student enrolled in higher education suffers from depression, anxiety and tends to suicide. And when it comes to international students, more than 25% of international students suffer from mental illness in Australia. The scenario of mental health of international students in Australia is complex. Also, unnoticed but the problem has raised severely in recent years.

There are over half of millions international students in Australia. The majority are from Asian countries like China, India, Nepal, Korea, and so on. International students flew to Australia to study graduate, postgraduate and foundation courses in different colleges, universities and TAFE.  In past recent years, with the increasing numbers of international students the mental health issue in international students is also at the peak. Students suffer with mental depression, cultural shock, frustration, loneliness, self-destructive thoughts, and many more psychology related issues.

International students in Australia become victims of isolation, loneliness, cultural shock, racism profiling, homesickness, and many other tragic incidents that affect the mental health of the students. Similarly, international students suffer from financial hardship and failure in studies as well which will further cause depression and frustration. In overall, statistics showed that 27 international students ended their life in Australia between 2009 and 2015. At the same time, the numbers of suicide attempts and self-harm figures are countless. Following, the statistics of suicides in recent years is believed to be more terrible than before. The ratios are likely to be increased if the respective authority did not take steps to cure this tragedy. Beyond blue, SANE Australia and PANDA are some non-profit organization that works to relieve the emotional and psychological issues of Australian residents. Besides, an emergency helpline is available 24/7.


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