love yourself first

In the queue of lots of friends, families, relatives, lovers, dears, and darlings, a person often lost themselves. Similarly, a person often forgot to love themselves while distributing generous afflictions and love to whoever is around them.  Like literally, loving ourselves is the hardest and confusing deed to do because it’s never easy to pour our caring contentment to ourselves. Even if you have an awareness and mentality that you should love yourself then the questions silently raise in your mind is ‘How to?’. And let me say you that it is a fair thing because the majority of mass does not have any idea about self-love and the phenomena to induce that. Here, I have tried to make it bit less complex to you by giving a few steps to induce self-love because you must love yourself at first place.

1. Be proud of what you are

First and foremost, never compare yourself with anyone and second of all, always be proud of what you are. Never drop your jaw and hurt your emotions by watching someone’s achievement and positions. You are fine what you are and you do not have to change yourself either get ashamed of who you are. In the same way, never hate yourself or feel down because of your aesthetics, sex, origin, ethics, religion, etc. You are already whole and perfect for being Homo sapiens and you do not require any additional feature.

2. Let it go

Likewise, letting it go is the key factors related with self-happiness, self-motivation and self-love. Just let toxic and confusing thing go away, do not care even about people if they are awkward and stubborn to you. We human being are most strange living creature, we tend to collect every tiny scattered pieces and try to make it vigorous. Sometimes, we succeed but sometimes we failed and we apply useless effort even after being failed continuously. And we are never ready to realize and admit that it won’t happen because we have read in books and the internet about ‘never give up’ stuffs. Do not be a fool and hurt yourself expecting and holding things that are not for you. Just let it go and realize the fact.

3. Spend some time alone

You need to realize your head and your worth. Spend some time alone or travel somewhere alone, just with yourself. Give some time to yourself and feel how it feels to be only. Give yourself a break from day to day hangovers and stacks of people around your head. Go for a holiday or movie or somewhere exciting alone to feel yourself more.

4. Build strong friendships

Build strong friendship and bond which will rescue will when ship of your emotions and situation is about to sink in the ocean of circumstances. Choose friends wisely and build strong connections with them. Do not isolate yourself and make let yourself be paranoid. Life is much more beautiful and exciting with the people who love you.

5. Stay Healthy and positive

Treat yourself with good food and hygiene. Once, someone has said that ‘Health is Wealth’ and that’s more than true. Your physiques and psychology also depends upon the food and nutrients you consume so do not skip meals or stay hungry and unhealthy. Try some meditation and yoga, it will relax and relights you. At first place, you need to be physically fit and healthy to make yourself mentally strong. Similarly, being positive serves your psychological as well as physical well-being.


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