life of international students in UK

There are over hundred thousand international students living and studying in different parts of United Kingdom. All of them have different life experiences depending upon the academic, social, cultural, environmental and psychological factors. Here I am going to brief about some factors associated with life of international students in United Kingdom.

University and Courses

Without any doubt, UK is one of the most popular destinations for higher education for international students. There are large number of universities and colleges offering outrageous degree program in all fields. Although, the academics may vary in terms of school and faculties but the education system of UK is very interactive and innovative. But the education system in UK is different from many countries which creates troubles for some students during their first few months.

Climate and Temperature

Climate and Temperature of the UK are always varied and not easy to understand. The United Kingdom is an island territory surrounded by the sea and as a result of this, the climate of the UK is always zigzag. It might sunny in the morning but you might get rainfall in the evening. And general, it is usually cold in UK and the average temperature of UK is lower than many parts of Asia and Africa.

Food and Accommodation

United Kingdom is the place of diversity and multicultural, and basically, you will never have to worry about food and drinks. You can find heaps of café, cafeteria, restaurants, fast-food stalls, pubs, and bar in each and every city. Similarly, there are lots of options for accommodation for students and visitors in UK. On the other hand, hostel facilities in Universities have solved half of the accommodation issue that international students have to bear.

Friends and Peers

As UK is one of the central points of globe for higher education, there will be rare chances of you getting lonely and helpless in United Kingdom. On the other hand, there are lots of social groups and communities in each UK universities where you met new people and friends. Some specific groups run to help and bring international students together. In addition to that, every UK institution has international student help services which will help you with any problems that you face while you study in UK.

Leisure and Entertainment

United Kingdom is that big and wonderful that you will not be able to explore in small time. The amazing landscape, historical places, parks, museums, monuments, etc of United Kingdom will always be there for you to entertain you.  Similarly, the nightlife and festivals will make you cherish the every moment you spend in United Kingdom. On the other hand, if you love sports then the sports competition and tournaments adds amazement in your life. United Kingdom is famous for its World famous and most entertaining football competition ‘English Premier League’.


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