International student making friends in USA

International student making friends in USA

There are over a million overseas students in USA making USA a greatest hub for international student. But flying overheads leaving home, friends and families is always an emotional part. On the other hand, USA is huge and different territory. It is never unfair to look someone for physical, social and emotional support. Basically, most of international students are depressed and victim of homesickness. Having someone around to talk, interact and to explore things together makes life much easier. Here are some tips for international students to make friends in USA.

1. Join a club

Generally, many universities have many clubs and organizations. And some of them are specially operating to bring people together. Join such clubs and organizations to met peoples and interact with peoples.

2. Be interactive and open

US citizens are very interactive, responsive and open-minded. Be like them if you want to be friends with locals or US citizens. However, never hesitate or get scared to talk with people.

3. Get involved

Get involve in various events and seminars organized in the university. In addition to that, support and join the campaign and programs carried out in the society. For an example, blood donation program, suicide prevention awareness, marathon, etc. i

4. Participation

Similarly, participate in competitions like sports, athletics or other events. You can join your university football club if you are good in football, you will definitely meet some friends.

5. Talk with classmates

Usually there are many students like you in class. Talking and interacting with them is never bad idea. Also,you can help each other with lessons and assignments. But be careful not to disturb or irritate them.

6. Part-time Work

Part-time work is also one of the effective way to get explore with people and friends. Who knows your co-worker can be your best friend in couple of months. Use your student visa right and do some work if you can manage time.

7. Be wise and helpful

A wise and helpful man is never lonely. Be wise and help others, it not only adds friends but also boosts your relationship with them. Moreover, it is a personal discipline and growth too.


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