Scholarships for international students at University of Aberdeen

There are numbers of international scholarships at th University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom.

About University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is public research university in Aberdeen, England, United Kingdom. The University of Aberdeen is fifth oldest university in UK hosting over 15000 students from 120 countries. Following, University of Aberdeen is often ranked as top 300 universities in the world and top 30 among the universities in United Kingdom. At the same time, university is based on Aberdeen which second most affordable city in UK.

International Scholarships at University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen welcomes you to be part of their outstanding learning environment and encourages you by offering numerous scholarships. Generally, the University of Aberdeen is one of the most generous universities in the UK when it comes to scholarships and grants. In the same way, the International Undergraduate Scholarship at the University of Aberdeen is the scholarship program for international students that covers the full tuition cost of an international student for a year.


In order to be eligible for International Undergraduate Scholarships, you must need to fill the following criteria

i. Firstly, you must be international student intending study at Aberdeen from September 2019. Secondly, you must be commencing undergraduate study in any program other than Medicines and Dentistry.

ii. Following, you need to follow all the course requirements and English language proficiency.

iii. Similarly, you must be fee-paying international students. Also, you must not hold any scholarships and funding from before.

iv. In addition to that, you must have enough funds and finance to cover your expenses of living and study in United Kingdom.

Application process

You do not have to do anything to apply for this scholarship because you will be directly accessed after you submit college application. You will be notified along with your letter of offer if you are selected for scholarship program.

Please refer to official website of University of Aberdeen more info.


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