International Ambassador Scholarships, University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky invites both International Undergraduates and Transfer Students for a scholarship opportunity; International Ambassador Scholarship. All new students are encouraged to take an early career path – especially if you wish to enter Lewis Honors College, competitive and academic scholarships, or if you plan to live on campus.

About the University of Kentucky:

The University of Kentucky has a wide range of resources concentrated on a single campus in the heart of Bluegrass in the USA. It has a wide range of programs that allow it to excel in interdisciplinary studies and foster an environment of collaborative participation across all faculties, programs, and research endeavors. Because of the life that everyone touches and teaches, it always aims to educate, innovate and serve. Moreover, it has many environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically viable activities, and will remain so for future generations. A focus on sustainability encourages the incorporation of these principles into curricula, research, and outreach. This principled approach to operational practices and intellectual pursuits prepares students and enables the campus community to support sustainable development in the Commonwealth and beyond.

Financial Benefit from International Ambassador Scholarships

If you win this scholarship, you will receive one of the following financial prizes:

  • $300
  • $16,000

Eligibility Criteria for International Ambassador Scholarships

It must be:

  1. International undergraduate student or transfer student.
  2. Have a GPA of at least 2.50.
  3. Students who qualify for in-state tuition are not eligible for this scholarship.


  • The scholarship is awarded to accepted students; Applicants with missing documents may not be considered for scholarships.
  • This scholarship is renewable

Application details

To apply for this scholarship, please click on “Complete this form” on the official website. Then fill out the application form with:

  • Firstly, personal information.
  • Student ID (search acceptance letter).
  • Download:
    • Article (one page).
    • Recommendation letter.

Lastly, It is important to visit the official website link found below to access the application form.

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