In simple mind and understanding, motivation refers to desire and reason for acting in a particular way. But in my way, Motivation is something that should be present and flow inside you just like your red blood cells which will revive and realize you in every minute and every corner of your life. Life is much easier with motivations and positive thoughts. You don’t even need KTM duke like your friend to be happy neither you need macbook like your cousins if you have motivation and positive thoughts inside you. In this world, motivation is the most important thing to have for people living below the average line to fall on mediocre category but it hurts to realize that motivation is not everyone’s cup of tea. You cannot buy it in market neither you can rob it from the one who already has it. You cannot find motivations in external factors because it is already living inside you and you are too dumb to pinpoint it. You can find motivations nowhere, not even in those speech of famous speaker neither in those quotes which you find in your instagram or any other social medias. What you can only do in this case is to stay motivated rather than roaming hereafter there in search of motivations. And if you are wondering about how to stay motivated then calm down you human, grab a chair sit comfortably and start reading this , it might help you to open your closed eye and pulls you to stay motivated.


First and foremost, love yourself bit more than you usually do. Loving yourself does not mean kissing your own dirty hands or either buying gifts to yourself and all. Loving yourself refers to taking care of your feelings and emotions. Stop razing yourself and keep yourself away from all those physical as well as emotional traumas that are going to hurt you and have negative impact on your life where accepting yourself means be proud of who you are and how you are. You do not to impress and please everyone during your breathings, you have to accept yourself and be proud of your skin. It does not matter if you are ugly, short, fat or whatever weakness you have, if you accept yourself and your reality and believe me you are already ahead and motivated.

2. Let it Go

The amount of happiness and satisfaction ratio contained on your body is directly proportional to the number of things and bullshit that you released from your physical and psychological state. Do not simply hold up the things if they are not for your box, you are a single human being and it is no compulsion that you have to wrap everything and excites everyone. Simple is that, your holding and desperations make it more extreme. So, learn the art of letting go, the more you dispatch the more happier you feel. It is true that things are influential but it is up to you whether you want to run with stone on your pocket or challenge wind by throwing that stone from your pocket. You know you had a dream and desire but it is not necessary that it should come true, just let it go. Everyone has dreams and pictures on their life and very few will catch it, if you are not among them then let it go, plant a new dream , set a new goal but do not run bare hands chasing that desperation.


Everyone knows that the empty mind is work station of devil inside you. So, if you want to kill a monster ruining you from inside then you need to keep yourself busy, occupied and focused. Leisure makes you feel more useless and depressed which will ignite fire between your emotions and thinking.  And another important thing is do not forgot to laugh and be happy. Even if you are broken inside your sentiments then also try to pretend that you are happy, try to lie yourself saying you are happier. Cheat yourself, cheat with hopes and all positive fairy vibes because cheating yourself is one of the best way to heal yourself and If you can heal yourself then congratulations my dear, you are already matured and motivated.


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