how to pass semester without stress?

Are you wondering about how to pass a semester without stress? Well, that’s completely normal because lots of people do. Large number of students struggle to pass university exams and semester, many of them do it with heavy struggles and stress where some will still be failed in spite of hard works and stress. Here are 7 tips that will tell you how to pass a semester without stress.

1. Understand what you are studying

Rote learning at the eleventh hour exam is never a good idea. Learning is a gentle process. You need to understand what your lecture is saying and what you are studying. Simply, copying notes and reading slides will not help you to learn so it is very necessary for you to understand what you are reading if you want to help yourself to succeed the semester with no stress. You can write answers on your own words if you have proper understanding and knowledge.

2. Understand the structure of course and exams

You need to understand the structure of course, first gather all information about assignments, workshops, quizzes and exams so that you can prepare yourself in a systematic way. Understand about the syllables and assignments, how much your assignments and online quizzes cover on your whole grade and all. And another vital thing to do is understand the exam structure, gather information about patterns of questions whether it is going to be multiple choice, short answers or others. See the model question and question paper of previous exams.

3. Make summary notes and highlight the important topics

Making notes enhance your approach of learning and memorizing because writing notes helps you visualizing, you do not have to worry about books and articles if you have notes. Highlighting important topic is also equally important measure you need to execute for successful semester. High important topics and syllables mentioned by teachers so that you can study find it quickly when you are preparing for your tasks and exam.

4. Do not skip class and assessments

Advice to not skip your class is not a thing I should mention I reckon, because it is the mandatory thing a student should do to make their semester fruitful. Attending lectures and class will make you understand properly, at least better than self study. Many universities have system of disqualifying students to appear in exam if they did not meet the attendance threshold marked by university or course program. Make sure that it won’t happen in your case.

5. Do assignments and quizzes

This is one of the easy steps that will help you to pass your semester without any crisis. Do assignments and quizzes as they help you learning and doing things. Another most exciting thing is that they even marry marks and grades out of total marks that you need to pass the semester. Many assignments contribute marks on your final grades that you obtain at semester. For any example, if your pass mark is 50% and you obtain total 30% grades from your assignments then you only need 20% on your final exam to get pass the subject. But remember this amend is not applicable in some courses.

6. Study well and practice hard

Do not keep your lessons and reading for a week before exam. Maintain a habit of daily reading and practice at least 2 hours a day so it could reduce your study loads during exams. Do research and practice questions from previous exam or question models. Stressing yourself and rote learning during exams will left you more panic and worried.

7. Study with friend or in a group

Group learning and study is fun and productive. We can discuss the problems and hard topics together or even help each other with lessons and study things. For an example, your friend might be top at mathematics but not so sharp in Accounting. In the same way you might be good with Accounts but poor in Mathematics, you can help each other with subjects and learning. You might help each others with assignments and tasks. Working and studying with a friend during exam is also never bad idea because you guys can discuss the questions and cover them but make sure you do not play videogames or discuss about NBA during your group study.


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