How to avoid Depression and Depressive thoughts?

Depression is the disorder or emotional abrasion of feeling sad, miserable and losing interests from the day to day enjoyments and activities. It is one of the most common and frequent disorder that one out of every people suffers with during some course of their living. Mostly emotional traumas and suppressed feelings and exposure lead to depressive thoughts and depression.

some self measures to prevent depressive thoughts

Try to be happy all the time

Life is usually hard and it will be worst if you keep upsetting yourself. Try to be happy and cherish all the time. Even if you are burning from inside then make sure that smoke does not outside. Trying to be happy is the best and easiest measure to achieve happiness. And depression will never dare to look at you if you are happy.

Adventure and travelling

The world is really big and beautiful. And there are still thousands of adventures and destinations waiting for you. Break your doors, go outside and have some adventures. Sitting ideally in between the four walls will push you towards depression. Refresh and refill yourself timely with beautiful times.

Develop a hobby

Everyone has got hobbies, so you do. Do something that you love and enjoy. For example, you might love playing Ball games but you haven’t tried yet. If so then go to the yard with your hometown boys either join your college team. Do something for you that excite you.

Learn new things

If you are bored and alone then one of the best solutions is to learn something that you do know from before. For example, learning a new language, taking a piano class, or practicing contemporary dance, etc. Trust me that you will never regret doing these things.

Distance from depressive people

Next thing you need to do is maintain miles from the people that make you feel sad depressive. Shift somewhere else if you cannot stand your disturbing loud landlady. Similarly, move away if you cannot be contempt with your partner, you will get another one.

Good food and hygiene

Never compromise on your food and health. The healthier you are, the more you feel dynamic. Start your day with a lovely breakfast. Bring a variety on your meals, not just oats or chapatti all the time. On the other hand, stay healthy and hygienic.

Workout and Yoga

Hit the gym and make six-pack abs instead of sitting depressed in your room. Yoga stimulates your nervous system to relax it. Plus, it also works on maintaining your blood pressure and metabolism.


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