Funded scholarship at Western Sydney University

Honours Scholarship is the funded scholarship program for students who are willing to start or has already enrolled in any undergraduate course program at Western Sydney University.

About Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University (WSU) is the Australian public university in greater region of Sydney. This university offers wide range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses as this university has six constituents campuses in Bankstown, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, Parramatta, and Penrith. Western Sydney University has linked and collaborates with many industries and organization to support practical knowledge system and also to develop the industrial link of the students. In general, thousands of students come from overseas to enroll in various degree programs at WSU and the university has never failed to take good care of the students who came to WSU for education. The annual undergraduate tuition fees are $24,280 for business courses, $22,680 for Arts/Education, and $28,520 for Engineering/Science.

Scholarships at Western Sydney University

WSU offers scholarships and funding opportunities to every student depending upon their merits, background and economic as well as social status. Honours scholarship at Western Sydney University is the funded scholarship program which any national, as well as international scholars, can apply. But this scholarship is academic merit-based scholarship and students with excellent grades will be prioritized.


In order to apply for Honours scholarship at WSU, you must meet the following qualifications

i. Firstly, You must be future student or existing students at any bachelor program at Western Sydney University. At the same time, you must be intending to or undertaking a full time study load.

ii. Furthermore, you must have achieved minimum GPA of 5.5 or equivalent credit

iii. In case of international students, you must be fee paying international student. That means you should not hold any scholarships or funding from before.

iv.You must satisfy the minimum course requirements as well as academic credit to get into bachelor program at Western Sydney University. Similarly, you need to met English language requirement as well

Scholarship amount

Basically, Honours Scholarship amounts upto $5000 in a year and the awarded value will discounts your tuition fee.

Please refer to official website of the university to apply online.


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