Fully-funded scholarships at London School of Economics

Scholarships for African students are available at the London School of Economics. It is another opportunity for African students to start undergraduate program in United Kingdom.

London School of Economics

London School of Economics is public research university in Westminster, Central London. This 1895 university is constituent member of federal University of London. In overall, the school holds second highest percentage of international students in the world. It hosts students from over 105 countries. Furthermore,he school consists of over 25 academic departments and over 11,000 students are enrolled in various range of disciplines. Also, LSE is a member of Russell Group, Association of Commonwealth Universities and European University Association.

Scholarships at London School of Economics

In general, London School of Economics offers numbers of scholarships to the students. In addition to that, he scholarships are categorized depending upon the residential, social, economic and academic status of students. Similarly, LSE has scholarship programs assessable for international students as well. Moreover, to support the education and positive changes in African countries, LSE has introduced ICAP Undergraduate Scholarship for the students from sub-Saharan countries. Scholarship is assessable for all students from sub-Saharan countries commencing studies in the London School of Economics.

Scholarship value

ICAP Undergraduate Scholarship covers full tuition costs of an international undergraduate student.


In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria

  1. Firstly, you must be an international student from sub-Saharan African countries and additionally, you must be commencing studies in any undergraduate program at LSE.
  2. Following, you must meet the English language tests and minimum course requirements.
  3. Also, you must have applied for course program in LSE.

Application process

You must fill out the application form and submit with necessary documents and evidence attached with it.

Please refer to the official website of London School of Economics for more information.


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