Fully Funded ANU COVID-19 Extension Scholarship 2020

Apply for the Fully Funded ANU COVID-19 Extension Scholarship 2020. The deadline for the application is 30th December 2021. The scholarship is for Masters, Ph.D. degree in the courses available at the University.


The Award is available to:

  • Domestic and International HDR Candidates
  • Also, continuing only
  • Likewise, full-time or Part-time intensity
  • Also, have been impacted by extreme disruptions to their research program due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Value of Scholarship

The value of the Award will be stated in the letter of offer. The University will p Award will be paid in fortnightly installments unless otherwise stated in the letter of offer.  

The Award may contain any or all of the following benefits: 

  • Stipend Scholarship: A recipient will get a stipend scholarship equivalent to the base rate value of the Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) stipend scholarship. Additionally, the Award is indexed each year on 1 January. 
  • Likewise, Higher Degree Research (HDR) Fee Remission Merit Scholarship:  An International recipient may be recommended for an HDR Fee Remission Merit Scholarship to cover the International Student Fees where it is not covered by other existing scholarships or sponsorships subject to the recipient being ranked as competitive in a merit‐based selection process.      


The Australian National University is a national research university located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Its main campus in Acton encompasses seven teaching and research colleges, in addition to several national academies and institutes.

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