Online Courses by Yale University, USA

Online courses are also available at Yale University other than on-campus learning opportunities.

Yale University is a private Ivy League research university in New Haven, Connecticut. The university offers more than 2000 undergraduate courses annually. Furthermore, the university offers online learning opportunities for a vast and global audience. The online courses offered by Yale includes

Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing

This course gives you access to a toolkit of behavior-change techniques that will make your typical day in the home easier as you develop the behaviors you would like to see in your child. The lessons provide step-by-step instructions and demonstrations to improve your course of action with both children and adolescents. Among many techniques, you will learn how even simple modifications to tone of voice and phrasing can lead to more compliance. The course will also shed light on many parenting misconceptions and ineffective strategies that are routinely used.

Start Date: March 4, 2019

Introduction to Breast Cancer

In this course, you’ll learn a bit about the leading cause of cancer in women worldwide. Also, you’ll talk to leading experts, explore some of the milestone studies that have pushed this field forward, and have interactive discussions on discussion boards and social media.

Start Date: March 4, 2019

Moral Foundations of Politics

When do governments deserve our allegiance, and when should they be denied it? Besides, this course explores the main answers that have been given to this question in the modern West.

Start Date: March 4, 2019

A Journey through Western Christianity: from Persecuted Faith to Global Religion

This course follows the extraordinary development of Western Christianity from its early persecution under the Roman Empire in the third century to its global expansion with the Jesuits of the early modern world.

Start Date: March 4, 2019

Music and Social Action

The course will include inquiry into a set of ideas in philosophy of aesthetics, a discussion about freedom, civil society, and ways that art can play a role in readying people for democracy as well as discussion on philosophy of education.

Start Date: March 4, 2019

Essentials of Global Health

This course will introduce you to global health in well-structured, clear and easy to understand ways. The course will be global in coverage but with a focus on low- and middle-income countries, the health of the poor, and health disparities.

Start Date: March 4, 2019

Financial Markets

This course provides emphasis on financially-savvy leadership skills. Also, description of practices today and analysis of prospects for the future. Likewise, introduction to risk management and behavioral finance principles to understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries.

Start Date: March 11, 2019

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