Football in UK universities

England was the country to gift the most popular and entertaining sport in the world, Football. It is believed that football was played in England even in the 12th century. Every second person in England is crazy about football and the international students are also included in the list. Apart from quality education, top universities, standard researches, scholarships, and opportunities home, some of the students choose the United Kingdom as study destination even because of the football craze and happenings in the UK.

Football in UK

United Kingdom is the home of world famous and watched sports league English Premier League (EPL).  EPL is considered as the most exciting and fantasizing football league of the world. Millions of people watch EPL in the stadium while billions of people get connected with broadcast in their electronic visual display devices. Other than EPL, UK hosts several other leagues and tournaments like FA Cup, English Football League, etc. Also, England has high crazy of FIFA world cup tournaments which comes once in every four years. UK collects a very large amount of revenue each year from football.

Football in UK Universities

Almost every university in United Kingdom has football team to participate and compete in university football league. University football tournaments and league are frequent and countess in United Kingdom. BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sports) is the greatest and most popular sports tournaments in United Kingdom. Many universities announce scholarships and awards depending upon the athletic merit of students. Similarly, scholarships and bursaries are awarded for football talents to represent university in university level football league.

Football courses in UK Universities

There are countless academies and training schools to teach and train players to compete in professional and world level. However, some universities offer football study course as well. They offer education and trainings related to football play, football management, football education, and so on. There are total 28 universities that offer pathway programs and degrees in Football studies. Some of the famous universities offering football related degree in UK are as follows

  1. University of Liverpool
  2. Manchester Metropolitan University
  3. Solent University Southampton
  4. University of Wolverhampton
  5. University of Birmingham
  6. Staffordshire University
  7. University of South Wales


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