Failing a semester

Studying and graduating from your dream university in your dream country is priceless, the amount of joy unfolds with that happiness is unconditional. Rejoice of graduating is priceless but trust me the grief of failing a semester for the first time is once in a lifetime worthy experience.

And the process of accomplishing your aspiration may not be easy and sweetest to all of us. It was not long ago (last year) that I got automation mail from the university, it was about me failing two subjects in the first semester of my undergraduate degree. Flying here from my home country to become a Data Scientist was the best thing for me until it turned into a nightmare. I had failed terribly in two subjects: Introduction to Data Science and Telecommunication respectively. It was the first time in my life that I had failed subjects, before that it was never. I did not come to believe it until I repeatedly checked my marks in Blackboard. I finally embraced that heart-hammering reality after I got a response from Dr. White and Mrs. Copper, course coordinators for Data Science and Telecommunication.

Failing a semester first the first time struck me even hard than my break up with my high school girlfriend. 10 Watt Phillips LED bulb was spreading brightness all over my study room but my world was already dark, even the display light of my Mac ahead of me was failing to give me light. Staring at the monitor with displaying mail from Mrs. Copper, I was something like the unconscious, not exactly unconscious but something similar to that. I cried, cried louder and harder, I cried like a man who just saw his girlfriend with another handsome. I skipped heavy meals for two days in a row, it was a cigarette, mango juice from fridge and ice-cream that was making me still standing. Those process continued until my flatmate rebuke me for razing myself.

He took me to the student counseling department at the university. I meet a kind and lovely woman in her 40s. She asked me to fill a short form and confront me that everything will be alright, I did not believe her. How can I? I had just failed a semester and someone was saying to me that it will be fine. I was just scared, much more than scared. And leaving me unattended in the couch for some minutes she came back smiling with a paper on her hand. She handed me that slip and said that she has arranged an extra session for me to practice those subjects for the next exam.

I went to that session on the following day, I saw Jake and Callum there. Callum said to me that he failed Data Science and there was Jake, same as me. He failed in both subjects LOL. I realized I was not alone, and I was razing myself of worries and low spirits. I am going class continuously now, Jake and I do combine study often. Mr. Varun Sharma is a very helpful guy. I love the way how he guides and supervise us with coding and everything. I am doing progress and I reckon I will pass those subjects at any cost.


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