cost of studying in United States of America

In general, studying abroad is always costly and expensive. Likewise, cost of studying in United States of America is also expensive than studying in many countries of the world. However, we have detailed the total estimated cost on every expenses of international student.

Tuition costs and Study materials

In overall, tuition costs are comparatively higher in USA but it depends upon the type institution and course of study. Basically, community colleges are cheaper than universities. In the same way, the tuition fee of courses under the Department of Engineering and Science & Technology is likely to be bit higher Humanities, Arts, Business, and so on. The annual tuition fees of US institutions ranges from $5000 to $40,000. But US universities offer scholarships and funding more than any countries in the world. Your tuition costs are likely to be minimized if you are eligible for scholarship or funding. Aside from tuition costs, a student spends an average of $390 in a semester.


In simple words, the expenses on accommodation and housing are directly proportional to the types of accommodation and facilities associated with it. The average cost of accommodation will be around $500 if a student stays off campus. Towns, shops nearby, distances from the market, distance from public transportation junction, etc also affect the rents of apartments and houses. Whereas the average figures for on-campus accommodation will be around $11,000 per year.

Food and Drinks

Basically, single person spends around $170 per month for food and drinks in United States of America. But the total sum is subjected to vary depending upon the portion and types they eat. The average of $170 is calculated excluding restaurant meals and food delivered by uber. The average cost of pizza is $7.5 and beer costs around $4.

Bills and Miscellaneous

Other than tuition, accommodation and eatery, an international student spends an average of $100 in a month for internet and phone bills. In addition to that, monthly transportation costs ranges from $50 to $100 in a monthly basis. Gym membership costs around $35 per months. Other than this, other miscellaneous expenses and bills will cost you up to $150 per month.

Entertainment and Refreshment

An international student spends an average of $120 per month on entertainment and refreshments. Restaurant meals cost an average of $15 where movie tickets prices around $11. Besides, other expenses on clothing, entertainment, outing and adventures holds an average of $100 per month but the range will vary depending upon needs and nature of person


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