Direct speech center Scholarship

Direct speech center is an independent venture, created by like-minded fellows to help students improve English for Exams, Job Interviews, or other life purposes. Moreover, they are happy to have grown from a small audience to more than 100k Plus users a month. In order to share our success. Also, they are very excited to announce the $1000 Scholarship award for needy students. Therefore, the sole purpose of our scholarship is to help students meet their various educational needs.


Status: College & University
Minimum GPA: 2.5
Level: All (Junior, Senior, or Graduate Student)
They are offering a $1000 Scholarship award each for 5 eligible and needy students to help them continue their education.


In order to apply for the scholarship please follow the process as mentioned below in steps.

  • Write precisely about you, life goals, achievements, and failures.
  • Navigate to the “Reported Speech Exercises” Section on the website and solve any 20 exercises.
    Send us (via email, please find the email address on the website) the solved exercises along with the following detail, mentioned below.

Full Name:

  • Name of College or University
  • Name of Course Enrolled
  • Expected year of Graduation.

The students who are clear, creative and concise in their words and approach would have the fair chances of an award.
Be creative, think out of the box and give us something new. If you are the one we would surely reach you. For further, information visits the website.


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