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Due to gap between several social, environmental and cultural factors, the cultural shock international students face in USA are many more and unpredictable.

About Cultural Shock

Cultural shock is the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. Generally, cultural shock is the gap between the cultural, social and technological distances between two places. It is common that a person suffers from this disorder when he/she migrates to any other country or state outside where they were living. It has no any medicine or medical remedies because it is not a disease actually but it is a psychological trauma or discomfort.

United States of America is the place of diversity as well as centre of modernization. As USA has its own sets of living and adaptation, it is very challenging for foreigners and tourists to settle and live in for their first few years in United States. The sets of living practices and norms vary in every corner of globe and it is the major reason for Cultural shock. Like the centre of business and modernization, USA is also the key area of higher education. Annually, thousands of international students leave their country for education in America. And the large groups of students suffer with the things like Cultural Shock. Here, we have listed some major cultural shocks that international students in US face during their first few months or years in USA

Some examples of Cultural Shock

1. The most thing that people get shocked about USA is that carrying and keeping guns are not illegal like most of the countries, any adult in USA can hold a gun. Some people find this policy very weird and scary.

2. Americans are very straightforward and open people. People get hurt and offended sometimes with their openness.

3. The American slangs and accent are also problems to many tourists and foreigners even if one can speak English.

4. American people are very much strict on their personal boundaries and privacy at their peak, unknowingly and unwillingly they might offend you sometimes and you might offend them too.

5. USA fast food and hospitality believes in giving tips. As you are required to give tips to wait staff or server at diners if you want to go with American culture.

6. Everyone is busy and engaged in their own life, you might not be able to see your friends and neighbors even for a month or more.

Those were the few cultural shocks that international students, as well as many travelers, face in USA. Besides, there is still customary, social and cultural difference that might make you feel awkward in USA.


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