CQUniversity FICS Emerging Student international awards in Australia

Apply for the CQUniversity FICS Emerging Student international awards in Australia. The deadline for the application is 31st October 2020. The scholarship is for bachelors degree.

The Student Scholarship program is scholarships for students of good character and academic standard who participate in sporting activities themselves and have given outstanding service in developing or promoting the field of sports chiropractic and its services to athletes.

Eligibility for Student international awards in Australia

Be enrolled full time at an accredited/recognized chiropractic school. Additionally, the applicants need to be in the earlier years of their chiropractic program i.e. not in their final 2 years.

Please see FICS Student Scholarship website for more information.


There are various awards.


  1. Submit a 500-750-word essay concerning the importance of sports chiropractic services to athletes in training and competition, and to the future growth of the chiropractic profession.
  2. Similarly, a description of personal participation in fitness and sports activities (100-200 words).
  3. Also, submit a description of your contributions to sports chiropractic your college and/or otherwise – e.g. participation in the student sports chiropractic council activities. Also, volunteer services at the college at sporting events and otherwise. Likewise, published news articles or research; any other activities promoting sports chiropractic (100-200 words).
  4. Also, a letter from a faculty member teaching sports chiropractic and/or related subjects confirming good character and academic standards and recommending the award.


Central Queensland University (alternatively known as CQUniversity) is an Australian dual sector university based in central Queensland. CQUniversity is the only Australian university with a campus presence in every mainland state.

Visit the official page for more information. Also, visit oyaop.com and oyaschool.com for more opportunities.


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