cost of studying in UK

Well, no one can determine or estimate the actual cost of study in the UK. Generally, the cost of living and study in the UK depends upon many factors like colleges, cities, expenses, and other various things. And the figures are even more unpredictable when it comes about international students. However, the total average cost of studying in the UK has been estimated at least £22,210 per year outside London where Studying in London might be more expensive than this predicted sum. Here, we are going to see the average costs on each possible expedition that will give us an idea about how much it cost of studying in the UK.

1. Tuition fee

When it comes to study in any foreign land, the first expenses that pops into our mind is about tuition cost because it is costly. Similarly, UK study is definitely included in the costly education group. Tuition fee for international students usually range from £10,000 to £38,000 and the price may go even higher for medical studies. As in UK, many universities offer partially as well as fully funded scholarships and awards which you can apply. They might help you to reduce your education cost if you are successful in receiving one of them.

2. Accommodation

The average accommodation cost that students pay in the year 2017 was £125 per week where students in London paid on the average of £182 weekly. Many students lives in University residency building and hostels and the accommodation price in such case varies depending upon the facility and accommodation type they choose. Similarly, the cost goes higher according to the type of accommodation and cities. In fact, living outside London is comparatively expensive than living outside Capital city London.

3. Food and drinks

Similarly, the expenses on your food and drinks will depend upon what you eat and what appetite you have. The average weekly spending on the food is £440 excluding meals in restaurant. The amount is likely to increase when it comes to London. However, groceries for two person costs £80 to £100, beer costs around £3.5 and average restaurant meals range from £15 to £25.

4. Utility bills and other things

Flats with one or two bedrooms get a gas bill of around £33 in the UK, whereas your mobile phone and electricity bills will cost you on average of £17 and £35 respectively. Similarly, you will spend around £30 on your clothing and around £45 for your monthly gym memberships. But you are likely to get student discounts on traveling and gym memberships.

Other than these, there are other unpredictable and emergency expenses like medical bill, night out, giving birthday gifts, etc which might be around £100 to £250 per month.


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