scholarships at the University of west of england

Numbers of partially and fully-funded scholarship are available also at the University of West England. Chancellor’s scholarships at the University of West England,

University of West of England (UWE)

The University of the West of England Bristol is the public research university in Bristol, England, United Kingdom. It is a multi-campus university with numbers of network campuses in and out of the Bristol. Additionally, it offers hundreds of undergraduate and graduates in the field of Business, Law, Science, Social Science, Humanities, and so on. In overall, the current enrollment at the university is over 22,000. Furthermore, the university is ranked among the top 25 higher education institutions in England for its graduate employment prospects. In addition to that, recent figures show 96% of recent graduates are in employment or further study, with 78% in professional roles.

UWE Chancellor’s Scholarships for international students

The University of West of England offers hundreds of funded scholarships. Scholarships at the University of West of England are assessable to both students however some are prioritized for particular groups. The UWE Chancellor’s scholarships at the University of West of England are the funded scholarships for international students. Moreover, this scholarship is the opportunity for international students to study in the UK and also to work as an intern in the university.

Scholarship value

Generally, UWE Chancellor’s Scholarships at the University of West of England cover 50% of total tuition fee of the recipient international students.

Scholarship Eligibilities

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must

  1. Be an international student commencing masters studies at the university,
  2. Have sufficient funds to cover your study and living costs in the UK. Similarly, you must not hold any scholarship or funding to support your studies.
  3. Satisfy the course requirement as well as English language proficiency. Also, you must have a conditional or unconditional letter of offer to study at the University of West of England,
  4. Not be a student with a previous education degree in the UK neither have been overseas for educational purposes.

Scholarship application process

However, you need to submit an application through an online web portal of the University of West of England. In addition to that, you must attach the supporting documents and evidence to support your application.

Scholarship application deadline

28 August 2019

Please refer to the University scholarship page for More Information.


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