US universities with highest acceptance rate

There are several universities in United States which have easier assessment to get in comparison to other many universities. However, we have brought you here the names of some quality education provider US universities with high acceptance rate. That means you have high chances of getting approval if you apply in these institutions.

University of Colorado Boulder

It is a public research university in Boulder, Colorado. This 1876 founded university is in the top of table in terms of recruiting international students. The nine schools and colleges of the university offers about 170 academic programs to over 17,000 students connected with the university. It is the quality education provider universities with highest acceptance rate.

Acceptance rate: 80%

Graduation rate: 70%

California State University Los Angeles

California State University Los Angeles is public research university in Los Angeles, California. Along with its fame for quality education, researches, locations, and high enrollments, it is popular because of its high acceptance rate. Out of total 480,000 students of California State University system, Cal State LA manages over 28,000 enrollments. Additionally, it offers 129 bachelor’s degrees, 112 master’s degrees, and three doctoral degrees.

Acceptance rate: 70%

Graduation rate: 45%

Western Kentucky University

WKU is a public research university is public university in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It is another education provider that hosts large number of students to enroll in different undergraduate and undergraduate programs. This 1906 established university has an student population of over 21,000. Additionally, Western Kentucky University is an education provider in US that is one of the top producers of Fulbright Scholars.

Acceptance rate: 90%

Graduation rate: 48%

University of Kansas

The University of Kansas (also known as KU) is public research multi-campus university with main building in Lawrence, Kansas. 1885 founded KU is one of the members of Association of American Universities. KU has an enrollment of over 28,000 in different graduate and undergraduate problems in the field of Health, Science, Law, Business, Arts, and so on. KU sits in the 115th place among National Universities and 53rd place among public universities ranking list of US News and World Report.

Acceptance rate: 92%

Graduation rate: 60%


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