best acting schools in United states

 Interested in studying acting or performing arts in USA? Here are the names of some best and famed acting schools in United States

1. Boston University School of Theatre

School of Theatre at Boston University of Boston, Massachusetts is one the popular choice for students who want to learn acting and performing arts in United States. In overall, Boston University School of Theatre falls under the academic departments of College of Fine Arts in Boston University. Boston University College of Fine Arts is composed of three schools – School of Music, School of Theatre and School of Visual Arts. The school offers number of graduate and undergraduate programs.

2. California Institute of Arts

California Institute of Arts is private university in Santa Clarita, California. It was erected in 1961 and is another famous destination and platform to study acting in United States. However, the university is divided into six academic majors – Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Film/Video, Music, and Theater. Moreover it provides range of graduate and undergraduate degrees in the field of performing arts and related networks.

3. The Julliard School

The Juilliard School is the prestigious performing arts school sited in Lincoln Center of Performing Arts, Manhattan, New York City. This 1905 established institution is often regarded as one of the best acting school in the world. Following, his school offers many courses program in drama, music and dance. However, in 2016, QS university ranking ranked Juilliard as best college for study of Fine Arts.

4. Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

Carnegie Mellon University of Drama is the oldest drama college in United States. Also, it is one of the oldest institutions to grant degree in drama. It operates under the Carnegie University, Pittsburgh, United States. Additionally, it provides undergraduate programs in the College of Fine Arts under the major of acting, musical theatre, directing, design, dramaturgy, and production technology and management. Similarly, masters program in directing, design, and production and technology management.

5. Tisco School of the Arts, New York University

Tisco School of the Arts is the performing and media school of New York University. Moreover, this school provides numerous courses including acting, dance, drama, performance studies, design for stage and film, musical theatre writing, photography, game design and development, and film and television studies. It is another most praised and popular acting and performing arts school in United States.


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