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Application Open for Unite Camp 2030 (Fully Funded)

At Camp 2030, we’re curating a community where diverse backgrounds converge on a shared mission: to catalyze meaningful, impactful change. But to ensure that our camp remains a space of constructive collaboration: we’ve set some criteria that our prospective campers need to meet.

  • Applicants must be between 18-35 years old on the first day of Camp 2030 (September 9, 2024)
  • A high grasp of English is essential, as all Camp sessions, activities, and interactions will be conducted in English
  • We’re looking for walk not talk. Applicants should have a proven commitment to taking actionable steps in addressing challenges and driving positive change within their communities.
  • Our vibe is one of authenticity and realness. For us, it’s essential that all of our Campers match the energy we bring, which is enthusiasm and passion for a better future (with a sprinkle of willingness to dive right in!) Accepted Campers are asked to sign our Culture Code, confirming their commitment to upholding the culture of care we create.
  • All Campers who join us from a country where a Visa is required to enter the US, need a valid Visa to attend our Program. Campers are responsible for securing their own Visa’s. We encourage campers to check Visa Wait Times and our Terms and Conditions before applying.


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