Stay awake, alert and active

As we all know that the life we are having is a big box of surprises and unpredictable things. Moreover, it is the tree and we never know what fruits it has for us. A happy darling that you saw this morning can turn into saddest by evening. Similarly, the sad guy you saw downtown might be happy now in the afternoon.  The main lesson I want you to realize is that no one really knows what the next hour holds for us. It could be boundless happiness and contentment. Similarly, it can even be turmoil and highway of pain. You can never predict our future. The only thing you can do is to get ready to face everything that is one your way. All you can do is be prepared and stay awake, alert and active for your next encounter.

Stay awake

Particularly, in here, staying awake does not mean throwing your slumber and get awake up to midnight. In this case, stay awake means stay careful and conscious. Know the thing and circumstances better and make you ready for whatever it comes around. Never lose your conscious and concentration.

Stay alert

No matter what comes or what happens, you stay alert. Despite of your strong set up and lethal weapons, you will get defeated if you are not vigilant. Being alert makes you hefty and sturdy. Also, it is pretty much planning to take it and ready for fighting back.

Stay active

Do not let you guts be lazy and clumsy like your body.  You have to be active and very diligent to conqueror. Make your body as well as mentality active and dynamic. Fill your heart with spirits and powers. Laziness is the bug. And that bug will enervate you physically, psychologically and socially.  


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