It’s night here again, and I am with my pretty little grey dairy to scribble on another page. A diary of a university student,

It was my own desperations and education hunger that brought me here in Australia. My eyes open at 7 in the morning and again got closed after I realized I had no class today. That’s what I usually do when its Thursday and Friday because I don’t have a class to attend on these days neither I have anything to do except households. I wish I had some friends around to hang out or to spend time with. But that’s okay for now, maybe I will meet some friends in the marathon next week, I hope for that.

So, when I finally woke up, it was around 11:45 am. A hot day it was today, temperature was above 30 degrees Celsius I guess, I jumped off my bed and went to kitchen for breakfast, that was lunch time I guess but I am just running from breaky. Ethan, my Vietnamese flat mate who was sitting on the lobby blinked his eyes as a greeting; it was good morning from him. I smiled back as a response. While I was having breakfast Ethan showed me two tickets of food festival in his college, he is studying commercial cookery in the university college. I was so excited to go festival and taste international cuisines.

The food festival was just a mile away from CBD, a really exciting place to be. As soon as we enter the arena, we were greeted by a beautiful blonde girl while another handsome standing with her was inspecting the tickets. We showed our tickets and moved ahead. The view that I saw nearly blew me by then, my jaws dropped there and I was freaking out. I do not what should I call it, excitement or nervousness, but whatever It was it is really heavy to take it. Bella, the fairy princess, the beauty queen who always sit next to me in English language class was there too. I am sure that she knows that I have been watching her silently since the first week of the semester. I thanked Ethan one more time, but this time just internally which he will never knew about. And what I call Luck is what happened next, her Chinese friend with whom she came was a former co-worker of Ethan. They communicated in the Cantonese language while I was busy watching how her eyes were. We visited every food stalls together and tasted delicious foods and cuisines. But to be honest, I really do not remember what I ate or what cuisine I saw or explored today because I was busy staring at her, I blame all these to extreme beauty and fairness of Bella.

With about an hour of thoughts, I am finally ready to sleep I guess but I do not know what I am going to do tomorrow. Ethan is going college for practical assessment, maybe I will watch a new season of ‘Prison Break’ on Netflix. I again wonder what Bella might be doing this time anyway whatever she is doing I pray for God to make her safe so that I could see her smiling again.


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