A glimpse of the world through my window

A glimpse of the world, the way I see the huge world from the window of a fourth flat in the seven-storey building is precise, explicit and clear. The world I sense from that window covers more than 50% of my tickle and tingle of the big world. I have learned many things, I have seen enormous artifacts, and I have discernment bundles of traits and perception just from that window.

Sitting on the rocking chair, and observing everything and everyone passing by, I study them, I judged them, and I estimate them, about their position, about their lives, about their mortals and everything. I see hundreds of different faces every day and some recurring faces too. I see vehicles, Public vehicles and private luxury motors, Lamborghini to Tata, Harley Davidson to Bajaj, and so on. I observe everything, a rover begging for some bucks, ten years old kid selling the newspaper to survive, bigshot looking guys walking on fine clothes sipping takeaway coffee from Starbucks, excited underage rich whippersnappers trying to bribe someone to buy wine from the liquor shop opposite of my apartment. I notice everything, maybe for fun, or maybe for time pass but definitely not for lessons. And surprisingly this thing is teaching me lessons day by day.

My window is my favorite place that I want to sit. Recently escaped from depression, moving ahead, living myself, and making plans, I spend most of my time in the window, at least one-third part of the day. I got inspiration from that ten years old puny boy selling the newspaper to survive, I feel lucky that my struggles are not of that extreme, I wonder how brutal life can be for that innocent kid. He inspires me, he fills my nerves and soul with Goosebumps, and that Bigshot on fine Armani suit with Starbucks coffee on his hand makes me dreaming, he makes me desperate that I want to be successful and handsome like him one day. I can relate myself with these two socially and statically different human creatures, I can relate them and myself too, I confront myself by drawing a mindset like that young poor newspaper seller will be like that man on business attire, and I feel like saying myself that I want to be them, both of them, hardworking and successful.

And another remaining two genres of Homo sapiens that I see through my window sends me into mini-depression, those rich lads with their hot chits make me concerned, not about me but for themselves. Again I tend to relate something here, between those juveniles with that rover. I wonder that rover drifter was once like those untamed drunkards kids trying to buy liquors with clove cigarettes on their lips. I feel heedful looking at those two genres. My mind automatically fills with guesstimates that those kids will be like that one rover one day. I feel like I am aware of those things, I do not want to be like that drifty beggar so I must not choose the wrong path like those youngsters. Just by looking at them and surmises that I create strenuously is enough for me to not be like them, not wasting my time and money on drugs and toxic company. Thanks to my window for all these, for showing me the world, motivating me and teaching me a lesson, giving me a glimpse of the world that I am living in.  


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