A day in a life of International student in US

Everyone has their own experience and story of study in USA. It is more than true that the story varies from person to person depending upon the culture and lifestyle of living. Here I am going to share my part of story of living and studying in the US. I am doing my undergraduate degree in Information Technology at USA and I am unbelievably excited being in US. As an international student in USA, I might have a different experience than another international student in USA. Here is my story, i am going to share you a day of me living a life of international student in USA.

Alarm and Breakfast

After great deal, I finally muster the courage to jump off a bed. But it was not easy though, After snoozing my alarm clock three times, I finally became brave enough to jump from the bed. Went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took a quick shower because it is usually hot in Virginia at July. I went to the kitchen and took out Greek yogurt from the fridge to mix it up with my granola, I am actually loving this breakfast since last year. Otherwise, I would go for a bacon and egg sandwich but thanks to Caleb who make me habitat of granola with Greek yogurt, its delicious and even its very healthy.

University time

My phone rang exactly at 9am, it is the remainder for me to get ready for class. I opened my wardrobe and wonder to choose clothes from the huge pile of unmanaged clothes. I took out plain white t-shirt from that stack of clothes and went to my bedroom looking for that blue jeans short which I had worn yesterday. I matched my white American star converse with white t-shirt and blue jeans, with a laptop and some notebooks on my bag I left my apartment.

I had a System Designing class at 10am, I was lucky to be there in time like always, Ryan bowed me a head from last bench to say me hello and I blinked my eyes as a response. I personally found system designing one of the hardest subjects, dealing with loops and others technical thing is so hard. After designing, I went straight away to lecture theatre to attend the lecture of telecommunication and that is fun subject because I have little knowledge about it my high school. I had a workshop next followed by another lecture straight after this

Fun time

After I am done for day with university, I went to see ball game this time with one of my friend. I was so surprised to know that Americans call football to Rugby, I still remember the day that Caleb invited me to watch football with him, I was so glad to sense the excitements of seeing football for the first time in USA and then there is the wrong with nomenclature. Although, I started loving rugby these days but still I have never termed it as Football because football used to be name for different sport when I was introduced to it. We came back home with one of my neighbors, he was pissed off because his team lost the match at the final moment.

Dinner and study time

I did not feel like I really want to cook something for dinner, Caleb is not home either so I decided to buy a burger from the Burger King nearby the street. I always thank Burger King for being there for me whenever I am lazy to cook something. I took out my laptop and tried to practice what Mr. Osborn taught me in class. Even after 4th attempt, my code did not ran so I decided to give it up for today but not for forever, I will ask for a help with Mr. Osborn tomorrow.

Melodious Opera Music and Bedtime thoughts

It makes me chill to lie down in my bed with melodious sounds of Opera music. Sometimes I talked with my parents back in my home country but not often at this time because it is still day in my home country. My mum and dad might be busy in our small eatery near to our home. I missed them sometimes, not just sometimes but I miss them often and I am preparing myself to be strong. Simply, missing them and being nostalgic does not sounds good and it makes me week too. I am here to study and I do not want to stress myself and hamper my study. Whatever troubles are, operas cures it all and that’s the reason I listen to them so that I can seize sleep easily.


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