A day in a life of international student in Australia

6:07 am, I woke up with most irritating thing in the world, not only irritating but also the most hated thing in the world which we call “Alarm Clock”. It is not a clock actually to be honest, it was my own phone with feature of Alarm clock. I was dreaming, dreaming about my home and mom. I was on the dining table with my watering mouth looking at all those delicious foods that my cooked for me, I was just about to bite that deliciously looking chicken leg piece and there is alarm clock that I had set last night, it made me realize again that i am far from home living life of international student in Australia.

I went to kitchen straight away from bathroom, my flat mate was already in the kitchen pouring milk on the bowl with semi filled cereals. I don’t know how he can eat that breakfast, maybe I am too new to Australia to digest new food which I have never tasted in my life. He checked next bus to city on the transport app installed on his android device while I was busy heating my bread on toaster, my attention on his android device nearly cost me my bread, it nearly got burned. He cleaned his bowl and left the flat in such a hurry that he did not even managed to say me anything not even ‘Have a nice day’. I reckoned he was getting late for his work, I felt lucky because I was on a leave from work yeah but I had lectures and tutorial to attend.

At 9am, I left my flat and walked towards the train station carrying laptop case on my back and one shoulder bag where I had kept few notebooks, pencils and chips. I was 20 minutes earlier but I don’t regret being earlier because I met one of my home friends there in train station, she was waiting for train to go back her apartment from her friend’s place but unfortunately it was another side of town where I was going inside city. We managed to discuss about our life, study, work and everything in that 20 minutes, I don’t know how we did but it happened. I got into the train, took out my headset music player and start listening music until train finally stopped where I usually get off. I had to catch a bus from there but I prefer walking because it will take only 20 minutes, 12 to 15 minutes if I walked fast. That’s what I usually do to save $4. I took my headset back to my ear and started walking. It took me 17 minutes this time but I don’t mind and regret as well, walking down the streets observing and silently judging every stranger passing by is always fun.

And then I am finally at the university where I was enrolled. Being freshmen at university is really exciting. Getting amazed by everything you see is the major thing that every international student in Australia suffers during their first few weeks. I went to lecture theater, I felt proud to be early before lecture otherwise many students used to see at my face breaking their concentration when I was late sometime, none of them did that today. I took out my paper and pencil to note down key points to read them later. After lecture went to laboratory, my tutor is always happy to see me and one Asian girl. He thinks we are the most brilliant and humble students in his class, it feels good. I took out my lab coat, glass and rubber gloves from drawer and follow the instructions given by him.

After finishing from university, I came back to my apartment. It was about 5 in the evening and sun was getting ready to kiss horizon. It always excites me to see pale yellow sun preparing to dissolve in horizon like a solute dissolve in solvent. I did not even listened music this time because I was busy watching the beautiful view from the window of train, view of sun playing hide and seek with those tall sky rappers of CBD area. I just love that thing, sometimes I wonder that I can watch that scene for a day without getting bored and monotonous.

11pm, just a minute away from midnight. My flat mate had prepared food for both of us, it was so nice but bit spicy, still that was far better than I could ever cook. He is already asleep but I am still awake. I just finished chatting with my sister who is living back in my home country. She was so happier to see my photos and all.  I thought of going to sleep so I grabbed my phone to set alarm clock again, I set alarm for 9 am this time because I do not have college and I have work shift from 3 pm that means I do not have to wake up soon like today.


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