types of people you will meet at the university

University life is one of the most exciting period and opportunity that anyone is going to ever have in their life. The culture of university, trends, festivals, circles, friends, opportunities and involvements make the university life electrifying and stirring. Apart from all of these, meeting new peoples and making friends is one of the most rousing moments for all scholars. You will meet and get exposed to peoples from diverse culture, background, ethics, color, religions, and lifestyles. Here are the eight types of people that you are likely going to encounter at the university. Eight types of people you will meet at the university

Hi-hello peoples

You will definitely meet few hi hello peoples. They always greet you according to the position of the sun in the sky, they convey hello to you and you reply. That’s the only happenings. No any other talks or conversation, just formal greetings only. Hi, hello, good morning, good day, and so on. And that’s it.

Ardent couples

And there they are, the amorous couples who make university surroundings more like well-directed romantic love story movie. Together in the library, hugging in canteens, holding hands and talking in lawn and sometimes even kissing in the back yard of the sports hall. No matter how strict or awkward the college is, you will never be deprived of seeing such lovebirds.

The aggressive guy

Every college has one highly aggressive looking guy. He not only looks aggressive but also is. He hardly talks with someone. His facial expression and body language are like he is going to have a UFC championship fight next. It scars the crap out of you when you saw him coming towards you.

Bad brothers

Bad brothers are the group of that average looking young morons type teenagers who make loud noises on the university, smokes secretly in the college canteens and mock the people around them. This is the same squad who does a night out at least five days a week. And they attend only those classes which have compulsory attendance rules.

Flirty one

And now this is the guy who flirts with almost all the girls and ladies whom he eye-scanned. Sometimes he even tries flirt with your young math teacher. No one likes him but everyone deserves an Oscar award for pretending to make him believe that he is the coolest and handsome guy in the universe.

Fake friends

Fake friends are those peoples who talks behind your back and who waits for the perfect moment to stab you but from the back. They will never let you know that they dislike you either they will make you feel. Some of them stay with you for a purpose, to satisfy their needs while some of them don’t even know why they want to bite you, neither you do.

Best friends

While busy encountering peoples with multiple personalities and natures you will find someone or form a squad of friends that value most. Those friends will stay by your side no matter what. They will support you when you are right and correct you when you are wrong. Similarly, help you when you need help and ask you for a hand when they need. And these friends are called best friends.

Your breathtaking crush

And there is your crush, a beautiful, sweet, ninny and charming cutie-pie that you secretly looks at. You see her every day but scared to talk with her. Your best friends always suggest you say ‘Hi’ to her but you are scared. You dream to take her to the best restaurant in the downtown for a candlelight dinner, but in reality, too shy to say even ‘Hi’.


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