major problems of college students

Student life is full of stress and chaos. Going through the whole bundle of social, economic, academic, and professional mixings is always frantic. Here are the 7 major problems of college students


However, bullying is one of the major problems of college students. Bullying can be physically, verbally, and sexually. Research shows that bullying is one of the serious issues in the present world. Many students suffer depression and frustration due to bullying. It also results in fights and conflicts.

Peer pressure

Peer pressure weighs equally heavy in terms of counting high school students problems. Watching your friends do the stuff that you are deprived of is always painful. It affects the mental health of students and also makes them feel sort of worthless and looser.

Financial problems

Student life is always full of scarcities and struggles. Paying for colleges will nearly rip your pocket off. And in those situations you will have to compromise on lots of things. Financial problems will hardly leave you behind when you are in college.

Work and study load

Numbers of students engage in part-time or full-time work as soon as they leave high school. The work schedule will haunt you once you start taking work and education together. Covering your shifts and also attending classes makes your week exhausted.

Unmanaged schedules

Getting with piles of assignments, workshops, and other study related things will raze you internally and externally as well. Similarly, your work and college routine will additionally demolish you. It may results poor hygiene. Also, it calls disease and melancholy.


This is the peak time for someone to fall in addictions of drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. Either from peer influence or from frustration or curiosity, many teens becomes addicted to drugs, alcoholism and chain smokers. It leads to further unhealthy involvements in ganging, fights, robberies, and all.

Social media and technology

Excessive social media usage and gadget addictions have blindfolded the world. And young students are leading the row in this case. Students fails semester and lose conscious because of excessive engagement in social media and gadgets. In addition to that, they become victimized by several crimes and cat fishing.


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