5 Most Common Majors for International Students in the United States

Every year almost a million international students apply to the United States for higher studies. Every student is different and has their own areas of interest. It is not necessary that all international students study the same thing. But some of the fields of study are more common than others. Here are the 5 most common majors for international students in the United States.

1. Engineering

Apparently, the majority of international students share a common interest in engineering. Students choose from different types of engineering areas. However, most common engineering fields are computer, civil, software, chemical, and biomedical engineering.

International students studying Engineering: 228,281

2. Business and Management

With the increase in the global economy and business prospects along with it, it is only normal to imagine a high number of students pursuing careers in business and its management. Business majors can include accounting, international business, marketing, finance, business administration and management, and supply chain management.

International students studying Business and Management: 208,293

3. Computer Science

This is the era of modernization and a lot, in fact, almost all of the credit can be given to computers. the development and sophistication of computers have lead humanity into the era of modernization and simplicity. This could be one of the reasons why many students are attracted to the computer and its studies.

International students studying Computer Science: 187,568

4. Social Sciences

This is another field that attracts a high number of international students each year. In general, social sciences is the scientific study of human society and social relationships. Some of the popular social sciences majors include Economics, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, International Relations, etc.

International students studying Social Sciences: 89,216

5. Physical and Life Sciences

There are an array of majors within the physical and life sciences including various biology disciplines, neuroscience, cognitive science, astronomy, chemistry, geology and geophysics, physics, math, statistics, meteorology and more.

International students studying Physical and Life Sciences: 74,146

So, here are the 5 most famous majors for international students in the United States.


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