5 most affordable cities of United Kingdom

Studying and living in the UK is very costly and expensive for many international students. Paying tuition amounts and bills on the pounds are comparatively expensive. However, we have listed 5 cheapest cities in the UK for international students.

1. Aberdeen

Aberdeen (nicknamed as “Granite City”) is the port city located at the northeast of Scotland. Surprisingly, Aberdeen is the only UK city to be on the list of top 50 affordable cities for international students. Similarly, it is the home to the University of Aberdeen which is the fifth oldest university of United Kingdom. Estimated cost of living at Aberdeen is $933.44 per month (excluding rent).

2. Manchester

Manchester is the second largest city of the UK. On the other hand, it is the second most affordable UK city for students. Manchester is world famous for football clubs Manchester United and Manchester City and also the home University of Manchester which ranks 29th in the world. The average cost of living at Manchester is $1,137 per month.

3. Glasgow

Glasgow is the port city of United Kingdom ranked 59th in the list of most affordable cities of United Kingdom.The University of Glasgow lies in the list of top 300 universities worldwide. The monthly cost of living of Glasgow is on the average of $2494.8 which makes it 25.72 % cheaper than London.

4.  Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle is ranked as world’s 54th affordable city for international students. Newcastle University and The Northumbria University of Newcastle. On the other hand, Durham University is just half an hour drive from Newcastle. The average total living expenses of Newcastle upon Tyne is $2,557.56. It is 27.41% lower than New York and 16.99% lower than in London.

5.  Birmingham

Surprisingly, ven after being the largest city west Midland area of England, Birmingham is one of the cheapest cities of United Kingdom. University of Birmingham and Aston University are the center point for international students in Birmingham. The monthly cost of living for a single person in Birmingham is $800 (excluding rents).


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