Statistics have proved that California is the most selected study destination by international students. In two intakes of the academic year, 2015/2016 California managed 150000 international students in their universities and colleges. Students from all around the world travel California to enroll and study at universities like California State University, University of Southern California, San Francisco State University, The University of California System, etc. California is home of Hollywood movie industry and beautiful cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Oakland.  Amazing livelihood, harmonious culture and thriving infrastructures attract people from all over the world to study and live in California State. Here are the 10 facts about California that you don’t know

Facts about California

  1. The state of California was originally famous with the name Grizzly Bear State before turning into a golden state.
  2. One-eighth of the US population lives in California. California has a population of over 4,00,00,000.
  3. The state of California hosts the highest number of international students in the United States. On the other hand, the state has the second highest immigrant popular among US state.
  4. California State is the home to Death Valley, driest and hottest place in America. The maximum temperature recorded was 200 F. Similarly, Silicon Valley, the capital of electronic inventions also lies in California.
  5. California is the fourth largest wine producing centers in the world whereas leader wine producer in the US.
  6. Do you love McDonald Burgers? If so then thank California later because they were first made in California. Similarly, Blue Jeans were also first invented in California.
  7. Likewise, California is the place where things like Skateboard, Barbie dolls, Fortune cookies, Apple computer, Frisbee, and video arcade games came from California.
  8. California is home to four out of the ten largest companies in the world. California manages globally famous companies like Facebook, Google, Facebook, eBay, HP, and so on.
  9. California produces half of the US fruits and vegetables.
  10. World’s tallest, biggest and oldest tree lives in California.


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