Brisbane is the third largest city of Australia which is also the capital city of state of Queensland. Brisbane city is one of the most beautiful, alluring and affordable cities not only in Australia but in the entire world.

Facts about Brisbane

  1. Let’s start with climate, do not get surprised but out of 365 days Brisbane has 287 days of sunshine. Well, that’s too much summer.
  2. Queen Street, one of the busiest places of Brisbane City was the convict barracks in the past days.
  3. Brisbane was the busiest seaport during the World War II.
  4. Brisbane’s largest even ‘Ekka’ gathers over 400,000 tourists per year in the city.
  5. The Story Bridge in the Brisbane a twin in Montreal, Canada, The Jacques Cartier Bridge.
  6. The world’s first cultivated Macadamia tree lives in the City Botanical Garden of Brisbane. It was planted back in 1858 by Sir Walter Hill near Gympie.
  7.  Do you love Lamington cake? If your answer is yes then let me tell you that Brisbane is the place that gifted you Lamington as first lamington were made in Brisbane.
  8. In the year 2003, the Downtown Brisbane was ranked as the worlds best by the International Downtown Association (IDA) beating some of the most galvanizing downtown cities like Los Angeles, Shanghais, Vancouver, and so on. 
  9. Queen Street Mall of Brisbane City is the most successful pedestrian mall in Australia hosting over 26 million visitors each year. Moreover, t is 500 meters long and hosts 700 stores.
  10. Brisbane has underground opera Hall. It was the Spring Hill Water Reservoir before it was turned into opera circuit. Can you believe it? An underground opera hall?


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