10 Best Pre-Med Schools in the United States

Are you considering pursuing a medical degree? It’s not too early to start planning, and the undergraduate college that you choose can have a significant impact on your career. So, you should always be careful while choosing the schools and make sure you give your 100% while applying there. Here is the list of 10 best pre-med schools in the United States:

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western is a prime example of a college with an excellent location. It is located right next to the world-famous clinics Cleveland Clinic. Students will have a wide array of research and volunteering opportunities available to them. Case Western, like most other schools, doesn’t have a binding pre-med track.

Cornell University

Students of Cornell have access to the valuable Health Careers Program, which provides specialized advising, information resources, and many other programs. And although Cornell is academically challenging, 71% of students with a GPA of 3.4 or higher are accepted into med school.

Duke University

Duke, while very academically competitive, still boasts a high 85% med school acceptance rate. Students at Duke also have access to a wide variety of resources, from personalized advising to research and internship opportunities provided by Durham and Duke’s prestigious School of Medicine.

Emory University

Settled right next to the CDC, Emory offers numerous research and work opportunities to its pre-med students. Students can also use Emory’s PreHealth Mentoring Office for specialized advising and other services.

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Harvard College

As of 2012, Harvard reported an extremely high med school acceptance rate of 95%. With some of the smartest students in the world, a great location among numerous medical facilities, and groups such as the Harvard Premedical Society, Harvard offers a plethora of invaluable resources to its pre-med students.

Johns Hopkins University

Pre-med students at JHU will find no shortage of meaningful research and internship opportunities. While notorious among students for GPA deflation, JHU still maintains a med school acceptance rate of 80% with five years of applicants’ graduation (as many JHU graduates take a gap year before applying to med school).

Northwestern University

Northwestern pre-med students have access to a wealth of resources through the school’s Health Professions Advising. Resources range from MCAT advice/training to GPA calculators to local shadowing opportunities. Northwestern makes sure its pre-med students are well-informed and prepared for med school.

Rice University

The Office of Academic Advising at Rice provides extensive resources to pre-med students, including a database of relevant research and internship opportunities and pre-med advising orientations. Additionally, Rice’s Joint Admission Medical Program helps low-income Texas students afford med school. Moreover, Houston is also a town with many large hospitals that provide research, shadowing, and volunteering opportunities.

University of Pennsylvania

UPenn is one of the best pre-medical schools in the nation. Its boasts a 76% med school acceptance rate. UPenn’s core pre-med courses and suggested courses both prepare students well for the MCAT by emphasizing all aspects of the test. UPenn is also in an excellent location for pre-med students, with facilities like the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia nearby.

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Washington University in Saint Louis

Pre-med students at WashU not only have access to a four year advising program, but also to MCAT prep classes, mock interviews, writing workshops for med school applications, and two local hospitals. Similarly, WashU ensures that their pre-med students are on the right path by providing constant hands-on assistance and meaningful research and internships.


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