10 amazing facts about London

among the cities of the world. Without any doubt, London is the dreamland of millions of people including myself. Dreamland London is the capital as well as largest city in the United Kingdom. London is the fabulous city hosting millions of tourists every year. London’s tower bridge and the clock tower of palace of Westminster (Big Bean) are the two major attractions of London. There are about 8.5 million people living in London and is one of the most visited city of the world. Here, we have listed 10 amazing must-know facts about London that you might not have heard before.


1. Although its in England, the beautiful city of London was and founded and homed by Romans at the beginning

2. There are 170 museums in London, that’s more than total museums of many countries. You count how many museums your country has

3. World’s first traffic light was connected at London. Similarly, world’s first public zoo was opened in London too.

4. Queen of England, Elizabeth II cannot enter the London without permission of Lord Mayor. That’s really surprising and interesting fact

5. You have to know about every streets and landmark to get a license of London Taxi. It is termed as “The Knowledge” and it takes 2 to 4 years to know and memorize. Well that’s not an easy think I guess

6. New York Police Departments has office in London and operates there too. That is an actually amazing and sort of interesting

7.  No matter where you from, there is always high chance of finding someone who speaks same language in London because over 300 languages are spoken in London.

8. There are over 20 underground rivers flowing beneath London. Can you believe that?

9.  London is home to more than 70 billionaires which makes it one of the richest cities of the world.

10. Once London was Capital city of 6 countries (UK, Poland, Netherland, Norway and France). You might not believe but it’s true.


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