Pros and Cons of attending Community College

Community colleges are the higher educational institution that proves two years associate’s degree to students which open the future doors of students to transfer into other institution for bachelor degree programs. Affordable cost and point of workforce education are the two major reasons that numbers of students choose community college. On the other hand, these institutions gives enough time for students to decide what they want to be and what majors they want to take in future. Beside this, Many students face dilemma to choose one between community college and universities. Here, I have listed some pros and cons of choosing community college. Hope you will find it helpful

Pros of attending community college

Low tuition cost

If you are worried about quality education with your small pocket then community college is best place for you to initiate your higher educational journey. You do not need to carry the rag of your big education loan and debts if you enrolled in community college as tuition costs at these colleges are cheaper than other state colleges and universities. You can save more than $4000 annually if you enrolled in community college over other private state colleges and universities.

Flexible Schedules

It is true that community college has wide options for class timetable and offers more night class than any other state colleges and universities. That means you can choose your class and timetable without any tenderness. You can manage your time for works or sports by choosing classes which will not clash with other schedules.

Smaller class size and more attention

Smaller classroom size and less number of students increases your interaction with teachers. You will able to interact with them and pull their attention more frequently. This can be a plus to students who needs special supports and guidance from their instructors.

Transferable credits

Attending and graduating from community college gives platform to those students who want to take their education further in future. Students can transfer to another universities and institution if they want to study further or willing to complete four year bachelor program. In this case, Students does not have to study all four for bachelor’s program because their associate’s degree from community college will serve credits to the program that students has chosen for further study.

Cons of community college

Smaller module

You have to transfer to another academic institution of you are willing to take your education further because community college only offers associate’s degree program to students. if you do not want to migrate or change institution timely then it would not be good idea for you.

Limited programs options and lighter coursework

Community colleges offer fewer options in degree programs than other state colleges and institution because they are comparatively smaller institution than other state college and universities. What programs cthey usually offer are general studies, liberal arts and humanities field and the course loads are also often heavy and smaller. If you want to spend your maximum time with course works and assessment then you are required to do self study by yourself.

No Campus life neither university culture experience

When it comes to energetic scenes and campus life, community colleges are a step behind from private colleges and universities because of their traditional styles. Although, community colleges have few organizations, athletic clubs and groups but still they are not perfect place for someone who wants to study in dynamic environment and live around vibrant university culture.


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