Maintaining Balance Between Study and Work in Australia

Many students want to earn money during their study periods, either for pockets or being worried about education loan. Majority of students engage and volunteer in different works along with their studies. International students doing their degrees in Australia enjoys the right to work 20 hours a week on a part-time basis but failed on maintaining balance between study and work is most common problem of international students in Australia. However, unbalanced movements between study and work will lead students towards razing state which is the major cause of depression, frustration, failure and other many problems. Some of the precautions that might help you maintaining balance between study and work in Australia are briefed below

1. Make creative plan and Schedule

In Australia, you do not have to attend class in all weekdays instead your class structure and time are divided into hours and some major classes where a semester comprises 13 study weeks. Select and manage your class timetable in such a way that you can finish your weekly lectures, workshop and tutorial into 2/3 days so you do not have to go college every day. And another thing you need to schedule is your study and working days. For an example if you have classes on Monday and Tuesday then you can manage your study time and work in other remaining five days. And do not forget to divide time for assignments, exam preparation field activities or any things related to your study. If you creative plan and schedule then it is obvious that things will appear much easier than they could ever be.

2. Keep everyone informed

This is another important thing to do if you are looking worried about maintaining balance between your work and work in Australia. Do not hide anything about your study and classes to your employer and co-worker. Make them aware about your study, class days and dates of your exams, field works, group discussions, etc before you start working so that they could arrange roster and shifts preferable for you to move ahead with a balance between your work and studies. You can also request to your tutors or university student support services if they can help you with study materials, deadlines and tasks if they find your excuse reasonable. Most of the staffs are aware and familiar about independent living and working compulsion.  So, they can help you if you convince them.

3. Do not skip your tasks or stock them for eleventh hour

This is the very sharp suggestion to students. Never ever skip your class and other course related tasks to cover your shifts at work because study is your first priority. In such case, Request your manager for leave or ask any of your coworkers if they can cover that shift for you during important academic dates. if you explain and request them in a proper way then there is no any chance that they will not understand. And do not keep your assignments and works for last hours. Divide your works and go through them each day so that you do not have to panic during deadlines and exams.

4. Stay healthy and stimulated

You cannot deny the fact that your biggest wealth is your good health. Hit the gym or practice meditation and maintain good personal hygiene to stay happy. Eat good level of nutrition and balanced diet to keep your muscles and psychological state strong. You might not know that your mood depends upon the breakfast you had that morning and in the same way your week starts depends upon the excitement you had on weekends. Enjoy your weekends or some leisure by welcoming refreshment activities like musical night, cycling around city, fishing, trying new food, drinking cold beers, etc

5. Boycott unnecessary activities

Your main objective in Australia is to study and if you want to pursue part-time work stabilization of it along with study then you must avoid unnecessary events and adventures. It is completely fine if you upset someone by saying no to them. Yes, that’s right it is not compulsory for to go to club with your friend without attending your class neither it sounds cool to join barbeque picnic with your homies skipping important laboratory workshop session, you do not have to go countryside road trip upsetting your boss. You have to be selective and aware about choosing what is best for you and comforts.


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