homesickness while studying abroad

Homesickness is the collective feeling of sadness, loneliness, anxiety and frightens while you live separately or far from your family. It is not an actual sickness or phobia but it is a condition where emotional and psychological states of your body makes you taint. Homesickness is one of the major problems of students living in another country away from their friends and families which makes them unable to cope up with their dailies.

Effects of homesickness

i. frequent hailing and gnawing

ii. feeling lonely, isolated and scared

iii. losing consciousness and concentration from  things which are not related to your home and home days

iv. panic attacks and anxiety attacks

v. headaches and some other minor infirmities like fever, dizziness, etc

Ways to deal with Homesickness

i. Do not sit with your door closed

Do not spend too much time on your room embracing darkness and isolation. Go out and interact with your new friends and neighbors, visit and explore city and landscapes, etc. The more you separate yourself from everyone you will become more sad and exhausted. Open your door and welcome the fresh air with fresh vibes in your life. Explore the beautiful world and landscape existing out of your room.

ii. Do not isolate and raze yourself

Do not isolate yourself from the circle of people. Say hi to your new neighbors, meet new friends or you can even visit your friends and networks from your home country but isolation is strictly no. Meet new people, participate in social things and games around your neighborhood which will keep you occupied and distracted.

iii. Learn new things and do something productive

There are lots of things you have not done yet, or maybe you have not even tried them yet. How about learning skateboard or any musical instruments? Writing poems or stories is not bad idea either. Find something that you want to do either do something productive instead of spending your time with nostalgia and harming yourself. Those things will of course help you during hard time and adds skills in your skill list too.

iv. Stay in touch with friends and relatives

Talk to your families and friends. Let them know that you are safe and happy, do not cry and sadden yourself in front of them. Call them when you miss them. Sending some gifts and stuffs is never a bad idea. This will add more fun and experience in abroad land.  But do not spend too much time talking and chatting with them, it might made you more nostalgic and sad.

v. Stay healthy and hygienic

The best thing that your parents expect from you is healthy you so do not be careless when it comes to health and hygiene. Health is the biggest wealth of human being. Do not skip meals and consume anything that will be toxic to your healthy living. You can even do some meditation and yoga because that helps you to get over with emotional trauma and disorders. Remember, being positive and expecting good things to happen is also a part of healthy living and hygiene.

vi. Join the community and student groups in your university

There are lots of student groups and communities in every university and joining one of them is never a bad decision. You will meet new people from different backgrounds facing same problems and situations. Get involved with those people and plan for exciting and curable things. It will be an exciting platform for you to explore different cultures, lifestyles, etc and adding new friends on your list.

vii. Get some help

There is student support department and student well being services in every university to help students facing this kind of situations. They will definitely help you to get over your homesickness and sad feeling. You can even share your situation to someone you know and ask help to them. It could be your flat mate, friends, neighbors or anyone you feel comfortable but do not hold your emotions to suppress it inside.


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