Affordable education at five star rated university. University of the sunshine coast, first university in queensland to receive five star teaching quality

About USC

Only few people had believed that the institution opened at 1996 with 524 students will turned into one of the best universities handling over 15000 students after 20 years of its establishment. University of the Sunshine Coast (originally established with name “Sunshine Coast University College) is one the newest member in the world university list making its spot on the count of 150 youngest universities worldwide. University of the Sunshine Coast is public university at Sippy Downs, Sunshine Coast which is about 60 miles north from Brisbane City with five other campuses in different parts of northern Queensland and the score six is going to be six by 2020 with another campus on Moreton Bay. It covers more than 100 hectare of land with numbers of preserved flora and faunas in green and relaxing atmosphere. University of the Sunshine Coast believes and supports pollution free world and they have declared USC as smoke free zone in 2018, that means you cannot fire and smoke any form of cigarettes including electrical smoking devices in compound of USC.  It is one of the core place in Australia where thousands of students move for graduate, post graduate and undergraduate studies.

Staffs and resources

USC is only campus in Queensland State to be awarded with Five Star ranks for its teaching quality and also holds safe place since 2010 on the club of universities ranked five stars for their teaching qualification and graduate’s satisfaction in terms of learning. USC provides you the opportunity to learn in the best learning environment with well equipped resources and technologies in comfortable classroom in front our incredibly talented teaching staffs. It opens the door for you to explore amazing landscapes and interaction with multicultural environment. USC’s laboratories, library and workshop rooms are furnished and facilitate with technology and resources that will provide you best practical, experimental and innovative learning experiences.

Scholarships and bursaries

USC has been helping many underprivileged and economically backward students by funding their study costs. USC encourages deserving and deprived students with alluring awards, scholarships and bursaries depending on the academic performance and needs of students. USC organizes refreshment and entertainment events like Mosaic, student night, party day, etc every week to provide refreshment and amusement to students plus USC has special chambers to support well being and better life of students while they study in abroad.  USC knows how to care their students so it has facilitate with services like Career counseling, study support, psychological counseling, social well being support and other many things for student’s welfare.


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