Chevening Scholarships for International students in UK

The Chevening Scholarships is the scholarship program that funds hundreds of international students from 160 countries to complete their post graduate study in United Kingdom. It is funded by Foreign Commonwealth Office of UK and their associated organizations.  The main aim of this scheme is to develop strong leadership qualities in students to be leaders in their particular home countries. This program was launched in 1983 and up to this date this campaign has funded over 50000 students from developing countries to explore and experience British education system. Chevening scholarships program covers tuition fees, allowances, return tickets to their country and other few grants.  Chevening Scholarships program is considered as popular and bigger than Fulbright scholarship scheme of USA because of very high standard and rich ranks.

Eligibility Criteria 

i. you must hold a citizenship of Chevening-eligible country

ii. you must have complete your graduate program to have creditable academic threshold to get into post graduate study in UK

iii. you must have at least two years of work experience

iii. you must have applied in three UK universities and get accepted by at least one of them

iv. you must meet the English language criteria set by Chevening program and the university you had applied for

v. you must not be British citizen or dual British citizen

vi. you and any member of family must not be previously employed by office and authorities operating under Her Majesty’s Government.

vi. you must not hold any type of scholarship, bursaries and grants funded by British government

viii. you must return to your country for minimum two years after your award ends.

Application for Chevening scholarship opens in August of every year and the application process is totally electronic. You are supposed to fill online application form and they cannot be revised or edited after submission Please check the official website of Chevening scholarships program for more details and important dates.


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