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    Yajish Tennakoon

    The education system of the UK seems to be quite different from my country’s. Could somebody help me out in understanding the system?


      • Prabhakar Kafle

        UK’s higher education system differs a lot from rest of the systems in the world, including the US. While in the US there is no distinction between college and university with most of the people referring to a higher education provider as a college, in the UK this is not the case. In the United Kingdom, a college is a Further Education institution which prepares its students to earn degrees, while a university is licensed Higher Education institution, so at the end of it students will gain a degree.
        Level of Courses
        Based on the actual education regulations in the UK education system, the Higher Education comprises these levels of courses:
        • Postgraduate courses that lead to a Doctorate, a Master’s degree (Taught or Research), Postgraduate diplomas, postgraduate certificates of education (PGCE) and professional degrees. To enter this level, it is usually required to have a first degree (Bachelor).
        • Undergraduate courses which include a wide range of first degrees (Bachelor’s): Honours and Ordinary degrees, qualified teacher status, enhanced first degrees, intercalated degrees (first-degree students in specific study fields may interrupt their ongoing studies and spend a year studying a field related to their major study subject).
        • Other undergraduate courses: Foundation degrees, SVQ, NVQ, Higher National Diploma HND (or equivalent), NHC (or equivalent) etc.


      • Helen Pate

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