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    Anyone here knows if Mitchell College provides any merit scholarships?


      • Yajish Tennakoon

        Yeah, Mitchell College does provide scholarships based on merit. Here are some of them:

        Richard P. Saunders President Scholarship
        Minimum Criteria: Based on accomplishments and commitments in the classroom and the community
        Separate application needed: No

        Alfred Mitchell Bingham Scholarship
        Minimum Criteria: Demonstrated student leadership
        Separate application needed: No

        Annie Tiffany Mitchell Scholarship
        Minimum Criteria: Based on student’s contribution to their community
        Separate application needed: No


      • Anonymous

        Thanks, and what about other aids?

      • Mitchell College provides aids at an average of 22393 per student meeting 58% of students need. 98% of students with need receive financial aid at an average of 19245 need-based grant. They also provide other scholarships including Transfer Scholarships and Grants and Sibling Scholarship.


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