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      • Loubna Daih

        Yeah, Brandeis University does provide scholarships based on merit. Here are some of them:

        Dean’s Award
        Total Worth: $15,000 per year
        Eligibility: $15,000 per year
        Minimum Criteria: exceptional academic achievement
        Separate application needed: No

        Presidential Scholarship
        Total Worth: $25,000 per year
        Eligibility: $25,000 per year
        Minimum Criteria: unusual academic potential
        Separate application needed: No

        Justice Louis D. Brandeis Scholarships
        Total Worth: full tuition
        Eligibility: full tuition
        Minimum Criteria: based on academic achievements
        Separate application needed: No


      • Lina Hattab

        Brandeis University provides aids at an average of 44761 per student meeting 98% of students need. 99% of students with need receive financial aid at an average of 41854 need-based grant. They also provide other scholarships including Stroum Family Waltham Scholarship and Wien International Scholarship.


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