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    Alexander Parshin

    Help me write a Statement of Purpose for applying to Australia. What do I include? How do I write? And is it very important?


      • Aakriti Regmi

        So, you seem to be getting serious about studying in Australia. The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a personal statement required by the universities to get a clear perspective of individuals who are willing to pursue higher education in Australia or any other country. It includes the candidate’s personal interests, goals, academic progress and motivations for the chosen career path.
        There is a lot of competition for higher education in today’s time. Colleges and universities receive application from students with impressive resumes, high GPAs and test scores. In such situation, the colleges and universities go a little beyond what you directly say. They want to know your personality, caliber and behavior. And SOP is the best way for colleges and universities to know about these qualities of you.
        I highlight this: A well-written Statement of Purpose is extremely critical to get admission in the desired college or university
        Here are a few tips:
        1.Show, don’t tell!
        2.Be precise on your points
        3.Honesty is the best policy
        4.Little details make a big difference
        5.The only kind of writing is rewriting
        You can get the details here:


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