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    Aakriti Regmi

    I’m planning to come to Australia and study got offer from Edith Cowan already to study for bachelor of I.T.
    I was wondering if it possible for me apply for PR after my studies, do i have much chance?
    please advice.


      • Alexander Parshin

        Just about everyone gets PR after an Australian degree. Many use it to immigrate.


      • Viktorija Deksne

        Firstly – Immigration generally changes the rules and requirements almost every year. So the requirements for applying for residency now may not be the same after you graduate.
        Secondly – depends on how good you are convincing the relative authorities that you are a “genuine” student. I wont go into detail but basically there are a few pre-screening processes as well as monitoring details that can ensure both immigration, and the university that you are in fact here in Australia for the sole purpose of obtaining an education. Nothing else.


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