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    Prabhakar Kafle

    Hey, I am an international student planning to apply to Australia for undergraduates. The education system there seems to be quite different from my country. Could somebody clarify about the system to me? And which one is better?


      • Viktorija Deksne

        Yeah, Australia follows the system similar to the British educational system, and it is quite different (and confusing) to some. I’ll try to explain here.
        A university is a Higher Education Provider and has to meet strict requirements to become a self-accrediting authority through the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) in Australia. There are currently 43 universities in Australia that provide three main types of higher education leading to Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degrees.
        In Australia, college is a smaller institution than a university focusing on technical and further education institution (TAFE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET), which offers certificate and diploma vocational courses under the Australian Qualifications Framework.
        While university courses tend to have an academic focus, TAFE and VET courses are typically more hands-on and are focused on providing students with the workplace skills and training needed by employers. Now you may have a question in your mind: which one is better—a university or college? Well, it is better to focus on the question: which one is fit for you? Some of you might do well if you study in a college and later join the university while some other might do well if they directly go to the university. College and university generally are academic equals. What you should have been clear by now is that a college prepares you for a certain career in a short time, but universities are more broad and theoretical which can prepare you for a number of careers.
        Have a look at some articles here:


      • Prabhakar Kafle

        Thanks! And what about different degrees- Bachelor’s, Diploma, Associate’s, Certificate? Aren’t they the same?


      • Jossy Rascon

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